About Cleanslate Cleanslate has a special DNA
As a social enterprise undertaken by Cara, Cleanslate is a small but mighty cleaning machine, differentiated by its fast and friendly service and its deep commitment to the community. We provide what some might consider an ordinary service (litter abatement, light landscaping, snow removal) in an extraordinary way, so that all Chicago neighborhoods – from Uptown to South Shore to many communities in between – can take pride in the safety, revitalization, and vibrancy that is created through clean streetscapes serviced by motivated and motivating people. We don’t just get the job done, we do it in a way that makes you feel good too. This unique DNA is what truly sets it apart.

Transitional Jobs Created Since 2005


Tons of Trash Collected Since 2005


Tons of Recyclables Diverted from the Waste Stream Since 2005

Our Mission

Unlock the power and purpose within our communities and ourselves to achieve real and lasting success.

Our Approach

It takes true flexibility to properly do what we do. Our approach to service is simple: Do whatever it takes from start to finish. When you are ready, we will sit down together to develop a best-solution plan that meets your needs and define the right crew to execute it. Then, throughout the project, we’ll monitor the work and provide monthly performance reports to make sure your needs are being met.

Our Dual Impact

Only by exceeding your expectations can our crew meet theirs. That’s why they value your job as more than a job – for each of them, it’s a life-changing opportunity. With every block swept clean or every graffiti tag removed, another Cleanslater has also taken a step toward building the necessary skills to achieve lasting success. A win for them and a win for you.

Our Community, Our Earth

When we clean, we don’t throw it all away. We intentionally separate what can be recycled to divert as much as we can from the waste stream. When you see our barrels on the street, you will even see that the blue one for recycling is – by design – bigger than our trash can! And when we touch the ground in our various landscaping efforts, we limit the use of weedkillers and pesticides, favoring manual renewal whenever possible. We are careful and deliberate and safe and kind to our passersby as to our earth, because we know the larger impact at play.

"It's rare to find a group who does such quality work at a great price. We can't say enough about our positive experiences with Cleanslate."
Austin Sterling Bay
"Cleanslate is always willing to go above & beyond. The reinvestment in our city and community by providing jobs is priceless."
Michael Wicker Park Bucktown Chamber
“Cleanslate ensures the cleanliness of the neighborhood, while their friendly faces & presence make our neighborhood more inviting.”
Justin Uptown United
“Cleanslate's beautification and snow removal services enhance the aesthetics and safety of the Illinois Medical District."
Chris Illinois Medical District

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