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We believe these are two of the best words in any language. So of course we are always looking to hire the best. It’s how we make Cara, Cara Connects, and Cleanslate better and how we make those we help successful. But to work here takes a certain type of person – someone with outstanding vision. A person who sees a hero where others may see misfortune and who can recognize opportunity when others can’t look past the imperfections. Because helping Cara participants to rebuild their self-worth through the awesome power of a job requires a person with the right mix of kindness, determination, and perspective – plus a yearning to join an extraordinary culture. A culture true to its name, Cara, the Gaelic word for "friend." And like all good "caras," we work together, celebrate together, and stand together. But sometimes we also kick each other's butt. Because that’s what friends do. As a tribute to the diversity of our staff’s backgrounds, we all unite in one purpose: To work creatively and fervently to alleviate poverty. And we align along these core values to make our operations sing.
Motivation propels. We identify, instill, and hold onto it. Where there is a desire to succeed, there is an opportunity to transform thought into action.
Affirmation reinforces. We celebrate instances of progress, understanding that the journey in the right direction is just as, if not more, important than the final destination.
Community connects. We actively build networks that strengthen us all. If we can get each other, we can serve each other best. 
Structure improves. We practice the discipline of operating within a larger framework. When the rules of the game are clear and well-understood, creativity and innovation can flourish.
Intentionality aims. We focus on the endgame during planning and design. In doing so, we build roadmaps to real, lasting success and avoid deriving validation from a quick win.
We currently provide the following industry-competitive benefits:
• Medical and Dental Insurance • Vision Insurance • Flexible Spending Account • Pre-tax Transportation Options (Metra, CTA, and Pace) • 401(k) Retirement Plan • Supplemental life insurance • Short Term Disability Insurance • Cell Phone Reimbursement • Basic Life and AD&D Insurance • Long Term Disability • Competitive Vacation Policy • Tuition/Student Loan Reimbursement

Why Choose Cleanslate? Working at Cleanslate is more than a job…'s a call to action. One of the driving forces of our work is the knowledge that every day in our community, there are motivated job seekers who just need an extra nudge or two to get them back on the path to life-long success. Since 2005, Cleanslate has made it its job to help connect these individuals to exterior maintenance jobs that not only revitalize and transform communities but also transform participants' lives.
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