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Even before they begin working, our interns are ready to not only work hard, but work right. And to make certain we deliver on all that, we use a selective referral process to pre-screen every participant. Then, all hires go through job training, plus one-on-one coaching, to improve their interpersonal and customer service skills. The final step is a rigorous evaluation. Bottom line: no matter the specifics or scope of your project, our dedicated and prepared Cleanslate crews bring not only experience but also expertise.
Litter Abatement
From a single building or facility to an entire business district, we professionally sweep, remove, and recycle trash and empty street trash cans.
We mow, trim, edge, water, and plant plus we maintain street planters and hanging baskets.
Power Washing
We clean sidewalks, loading docks, parking decks, and public way surfaces, ideal for after street festivals and for public way maintenance.
Snow Removal
We plow snow and de-ice sidewalks, parking lots, and other key access areas.
Graffiti Removal
Our services include chemical power washing; cover up; and nuisance tag removal from light poles, electrical boxes, and other on-street surfaces.
Public Way Elements
We install and maintain bike racks, benches, and trash receptacles.
Only by exceeding your expectations can our crew meet theirs
That’s why they value your job as more than a job – for each of them, it’s a life-changing opportunity. With every block swept clean or every tag removed, another Cleanslater has also taken a step toward building the necessary skills to achieve lasting success. A win for them and a win for you. We invite you to learn more. Contact Us
Cleaning our city, Ward by Ward
An initiative of Cleanslate, Ward by Ward is a new program already hard at work in Chicago's 27th and 29th Wards, dedicated to building a crew-based work model that creates jobs - and thereby peace - directly in our city's communities most vulnerable to violence. Learn more about how you can sponsor a ward.

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With Cleanslate, you get much more than swept-up sidewalks, mowed lawns, and emptied recycling bins. You get fast and friendly service delivered by motivated interns who are building the skills needed to achieve long-lasting success. In order to evaluate our ability to meet your expectations and our commitment to interns, we count everything from bags of trash and recyclables collected to miles of streets cleaned to the numbers of jobs created and communities served. We invite you to take a look at how we track our ability to meet customers' needs; clean up communities so that they are inviting for members to live, work, and play; and keep participants on track towards permanent employment.
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